About Us

Nimja Enterprises Ltd, was established in 2012 has been an Award winner in retail distribution in Agribusiness. We are distributors of all major farm inputs brands in Kenya.

We are currently involved in Agribusiness, Youth, Water & entrepreneurship. We have been involved in farmer recruitment Mobilization, Farmer trainings Farm inputs such  as Fertilizers, Seeds Seedlings, Herbicides, pesticides Hermetic bags.

Our Services Include;

Soil Testing, preparation of -land(Ripping services) , Threshing Shelling of grains, Aggregation, Cleaning sorting of grains, Warehouse Services, Provision of digital Village advice on agriculture.

 Our Consulting services include;

Farmer recruitment, Mobilization of farmers, Training deployment of digital village advisors, farmer trainings integrated pest control, Soil testing, Water quality testing, Warehouse services, Setting up  Management of agricultural demo farms, Market Linkages with daily prices dissemination.

Our Youth engagement include;

Youth mentor ship in Agribusiness,  Job creation linkages at County level, Website development hosting, Youth training on ICT Plumbing, Life Skills training Linking youth with financial Services processing business operating Licenses.

”Due to our involvement in these farmer activities,We are  able to work with the farmers from land-preparation, harvesting post harvesting, storage marketing stages of the farming activity

Empowering Communities through Smart Agricultural practices.

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